AAI-HC 2010 North American Convention

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AAI-HC 2010 North American Convention

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V1ktor wrote:
Atheists Without Borders
AAI-HC 2010 North American Convention, October 1-3, 2010. Montreal, Canada.

It is here! The most anticipated North American atheist convention of the year. With fresh line of speakers and plethora of entertainment, you sure don't want to miss this event.

Join us in Montreal for AAI's annual North American convention, "Atheists Without Borders." This theme expresses our vision of an international movement, going beyond political and cultural borders, uniting atheists and humanists in one virtual nation defined by our commitment to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, human rights, critical thought, science and reason. This event will be AAI's first North American convention outside the United States and the first in collaboration with Humanist Canada, a national organization.

Our roster of esteemed speakers includes both American icons of freethought and outstanding Canadian and European scholars and activists. The three-day convention is centered around more than twenty workshops as well as several plenary sessions, addressing issues of keen interest to nonbelievers, such as religion-State separation, secularism, the history of freethought, the defense of education against religious encroachment and strategies for combating fundamentalism -- in particular islamofascism. Join us as well in congratulating this year's Richard Dawkins Award recipient, Susan Jacoby, author of Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism.

AAI and HC in collaboration with International Freethought Film Festival Foundation - convention sponsor - are proud to present a special sneak peak of the International Freethought Film Festival. Convention attendees will have an exclusive screening of "The Evangelist" film as part of their weekend pass.

The roster of speakers include Susan Jacoby, Dan Dennett, PZ Myers, Brian Dalton, Philippe Besson, Nadia Geerts, Karen Stollznow, and many others.

Tables are available for exhibitors.

Check out convention website at http://www.AtheistConvention.org
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