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Got Science? - RatSkep Science Writer of the Month

#1  Postby starr » Dec 03, 2010 9:41 pm

An important message from the forum blobfish:

Mazille wrote:The time has come, my nerdy friends: Start up your text-editing programmes and break out the papers!

This month's topic is: Debunk a popular misconception.
Do we really only use ten percent of our brain? Are humans a "Blank Slate" at birth or not? Is homoeopathy a science? I'm sure that there are scores of scientific misconceptions of varying popularity you people can think of: Go on and explain to us why they're wrong.

The competition starts as of now. Participants can post their entries in the "Submissions" thread here, while everyone else is cordially invited to comment on the relative merit of the entries in the "Discussion" thread here.

Submissions can be entered until Friday, the 24th of December, which is when the voting will start. Voting will end on Friday, the 31st of December, so that all is done and dusted this year.

So if you've Got Science then Get Writing! :thumbup:
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