Racism on the Forum

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Racism on the Forum

#1  Postby starr » May 04, 2010 11:41 pm

The staff have discussed the issue of racism on the forum and we have decided that we will take a hard line against racism here. We are also not going to permit Holocaust Denial to be promoted here.

The staff agree that the costs of allowing racists to present their views on this forum outweigh any potential benefits and/or freedom of speech issues.

The staff agree that:
a) If a member posts something that is completely and blatantly racist, they get an immediate permanent ban (note that this doesn't happen very often).

b) If a member posts thinly veiled racist remarks then they are likely to receive zero tolerance as they go through our normal warning and suspension system. If the staff agree that a remark is over the line then it gets sanctioned. No debate will be entered into about it.

Members need to be aware of this policy and to take responsibility when phrasing their posts. The staff are aiming to stamp out the cases where racism is disguised as 'reasonable discussion'.

The staff have added some additional words to the Forum Users' Agreement on this issue:

rationalskepticism.org will not foster or support racist, homophobic or sexist bigotry. Therefore, you may not post hateful, abusive or disparaging content about people's race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender, as this creates an environment that is hostile to the reasonable exchange of views. This also includes the promotion of racist, homophobic or sexist propaganda, political or otherwise.

Posting blatantly racist, sexist or homophobic content may result in an immediate and permanent ban from the forum. Offences judged less serious by the staff will be dealt with under the warning and suspension system outlined under moderation below.

rationalskepticism.org will not support Holocaust Denial. Therefore, you may not explicitly or implicitly deny the Holocaust in your posts.

Member comments/discussion can take place here.

EDITED: to add "This also includes the promotion of racist, homophobic or sexist propaganda, political or otherwise." to the FUA wording.
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