Red dwarfs and exoplanets

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Red dwarfs and exoplanets

#1  Postby Alan C » Sep 27, 2020 10:42 pm

Something I had just considered recently but don't recall reading in any news or discussion and this is in relation to red dwarfs. As far as I'm aware red dwarfs have a much longer lifetime than stars such as the one we orbit. Other than perhaps having to deal with more active and frequent solar flares, at least in early stages, any orbiting planets would have a long time around the star for anything interesting to develop on it with the right conditions. What I was thinking is 'what about tectonics though?', my understanding is that this is only active in a planet for a period of time and then slows to a stop. It would seem this reduces then ends a planet's ability to provide a relatively stable environment for life regardless of solar activity?
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