The Cosmic Space and Quantum Gravity

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The Cosmic Space and Quantum Gravity

#1  Postby socratus » Nov 16, 2020 12:27 pm

The Cosmic Space and Quantum Gravity  
1 -  Cosmic Space is ''pretty flat'' to within 0,5%, according to the WMAP 2013 measurement.
2 - In the Cosmic Space (as a whole)  there are very few ordinary matter (about 5%)  and the other 95% is unknown ''dark energy'' and ''dark matter''
3 - There is a fundamental fact that the critical  density in the Universe (as a while) is about 9.9 x 10^-30 g/sm^3. That masses of density cannot ''close'' the Cosmic Space  into a sphere and therefore the Universe as a whole is an infinitely flat continuum (after every cosmic event horizon there is another similar cosmic event horizon and so and so . . . to infinity)
4 - The Cosmic Space (as a whole) is flat, smooth, homogenous, isotropic, cold and (as a whole) in an equilibrium, static state.  Only in some local regions ( thanks to the  Gravity effect ) the space is curved (as Einstein's GRT showed)
  1 - More than a century ago Boltzmann considered a “cosmology” where the observed universe should be regarded as a  fluctuation out of some equilibrium state (the entropy of a closed system always increases: S = klogW )
2 - According to Quantum theory there are cosmic quantum vacuum fluctuations: E - h*f
3 -  The unity between Quantum energy-fluctuations and  Boltzmann micro-thermodynamics fluctuations  (h*F + kTlogW) saves the universe from heat death and create basis for quantum gravity (star formation)
4 -  If the matter Universe started from zero vacuum (T=0K) then the first chemical element must be helium - 4 --->  helium - 3 ---> hydrogen ---> . . . etc
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Re: The Cosmic Space and Quantum Gravity

#2  Postby blindfaith » Nov 16, 2020 12:57 pm

Beer is the only Superfluid that occurs in my cosmic space :cheers:
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