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Re: Theists in the foxholes

#21  Postby jinxu » Apr 03, 2015 5:11 pm

Weaver wrote:
jinxu wrote:Not sure if this question belongs in the Atheist in Foxholes or here, correct me if I am wrong.

Question : As an atheist in the military, do you feel at all discriminated or not trusted by fellow soldiers during times of war / battle? I know there have been polls done, at least here in the US, where people tend to trust atheists less because of misinformation / misrepresentation. Regardless of religious background (hindu, muslim, christian, etc.) in general people had a notion that because atheists don't believe in a supreme being that they are more likely to be dishonest or some other negative. As far as I know those polls were from the civilian population and not strictly military.

If that is the case then I can begin to further understand the general "outcry" of atheists. In fact I just saw a youtube ad for "Non-Secular" kind of in line with some old Mormon commercials (not trying to make any comparisons or imply anything). As a Christian there is a general undertone of atheists = anti-christian as if simply being an atheist puts you in the "enemy" camp. And that is unfortunate and counter to what the Bible teaches.

I didn't.

My combat patrol unit in Iraq had many devout theists in it, and they would do a group prayer before we left every day. I never participated after the first one (I was unaware of the tradition). I was asked to participate, and declined - whereupon a couple other guys stopped going as well. But nothing anyone ever said to me indicated they trusted me less if we got in the shit.

Cool. I would think that when the "ish" hits the fans, theology and philosophy has little roles. Just was wondering if it was more pervasive, maybe even state side.

On a seperate note - with so many reality tv shows, might be interesting to see one where theists and atheists / humanists are pair together to survive. Would religion and beliefs really matter than? I guess on TV it would, for the ratings.
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Re: Theists in the foxholes

#22  Postby Weaver » Apr 08, 2015 6:17 am

Before the pervasive era of fake-ass "reality" shows, I watched a program featuring a number of people attempting to live life much as original European colonists to New England would have lived. One was an avowed atheist, and she had issues with the forced church services inherent to the period. She went to the first couple, but refused afterwards - much to the consternation of some of the others, who thought that living in a time when they could force others to follow their religion was a fine idea.

Said a lot about theists, to me.

EDIT - found a Wiki about the program. ... _series%29
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