Alright, systems thermodynamics helps pls

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Alright, systems thermodynamics helps pls

#1  Postby Lowpro » Mar 12, 2013 2:28 am

Okay I'm trying a lay man's crack at systems thermodynamics with a bit of massive trial and error. I don't pretend to know what I'm talking about but I'm taking the stab at it because I don't have a statistical mechanics book.

Entropy: S=-k Σ Pi ln Pi for a system by summation of microstates probabilities and they SHOULD all be equal such that S=-k. In systems though such as one of a dynamic kinetic system (DKS) we want to see the environmental Gibbs on our system (a cell, life in general) which maintains its "dynamic equilibrium" by the Gibbs of the environment and releasing a higher K right?

That's what I'm gathering from Addy Pross:

What that paper notes is that in a replicator space mutations that increase kinetic stability above the general assumption of a system that reaches equilibrium (example: life doesn't do this until it dies. For us it does this through metabolism overall and our metabolism has a net increase in entropy to our surroundings) as far as I can tell.

What I wanted to know was basically if there was a way to set up a systems equation for replicating Ribozymes like Joyce/Szostak. Lately I've seen one guy on Youtube who says the problem of increased microstates makes abiogenesis impossible but my thinking is that if the DKS has a net increase in entropy just as a system of replicators the microstates become irrelevant and we can just compare the change in Gibbs.

That's a whole lot of me riffing and trying to be consistent; I don't usually diddle with statistics in chemistry just biostatistics so be gentle >.>
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