Flame retardants, Chemophobia or real threat.

Composition and transformation of substance.

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Flame retardants, Chemophobia or real threat.

#1  Postby lucek » Sep 08, 2013 10:54 pm

I've been shopping for a new bed and it seems like I can't Google with out hearing claims about how horrible flame retardant materials are. They made broad claims about cancer risk and toxicity for basically all chemicals used except the "natural" ones. So skeptical radar went off.

So looking up more on my own but figured I'd get the skinny here first.
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Re: Flame retardants, Chemophobia or real threat.

#2  Postby jaydot » Oct 15, 2013 9:01 pm

my priorities are comfort and warmth. i take no notice of the bollox the woo-merchants peddle. it's up there with chemtrails. i've had dire warnings about the 'memory' foam mattress on my bed. since it's now been there for five years and i'm the same as ever, i feel vindicated in disregarding the apocalyptical prognostications.

flame retardant gives you time to awaken to the danger and get the fuck outa there.
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