Bill O'Reilly vs The Bible

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Bill O'Reilly vs The Bible

#1  Postby DoctorE » Dec 22, 2013 1:07 pm

Bill O'Reilly has several issues regarding the Bible.

The most obvious one is how he thinks that somehow it becomes moral for someone to be killed for picking up sticks on the wrong day of the week, as long as its 'God' doing the killings.

Firstly he accepts that there are a lot of laws about slavery in the old testiment (Judeo-Christian), but then goes on to say that this Judeo-Christian philosophy is what the US constitution and declaration of independance was built around.
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Re: Bill O'Reilly vs The Bible

#2  Postby Thomas Eshuis » Dec 22, 2013 2:44 pm

Gotta give him props for not going with the "Jesus did away with the OT" cop-out.
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Re: Bill O'Reilly vs The Bible

#3  Postby Matthew Shute » Dec 22, 2013 4:42 pm

It seemed to come as quite a surprise to O'Reilly, that God's punishment for working on the sabbath is death. These Christians who know so little about their foundational text baffle me. So little curiosity! If I thought the creator of the universe had authored or directly inspired the writing of a book, I'd want to study it cover to cover, to understand this God's message and secure my future eternity! In fact, I did briefly think that as a kid, and I did read the book cover to cover. That, of course, was the beginning of the end for that particular delusion, and it was short lived. For the most part, the book is a monument to human folly - cruelty, credulity, and cretinism.

How strongly can Bill O'Reilly believe that this book is a product of divine inspiration, or a divine work? If he truly believed it, wouldn't he treasure it and study it every day? It appears that he hasn't read it even once.
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Re: Bill O'Reilly vs The Bible

#4  Postby SafeAsMilk » Dec 22, 2013 6:45 pm

I suspect he's read it the way my dad does - with a little guide book that explains everything in a suitably modern and palatable way, and avoids all the especially horrifying and indefensible parts.
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