Christianity and Feudalism

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Re: Christianity and Feudalism

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Zwaarddijk wrote:One should also look at Christianity outside of Europe - did Christianity in Ethiopia have tendencies similar to European feudalism? Did Syriac Christianity have such tendencies until it was eclipsed by Islam? Did whatever groups of Christianity that managed to organize their own affairs in some regions in the Islamic world develop more feudalist traits than their surrounding societies?

In the history of China.

The Zhou feudal system
The feudal states were not contiguous but rather were scattered at strategic locations surrounded by potentially dangerous and hostile lands. The fortified city of the feudal lord was often the only area that he controlled directly; the state and the city were therefore identical, both being guo, a combination of city wall and weapons. Satellite cities were established at convenient distances from the main city in order to expand the territory under control. Each feudal state consisted of an alliance of the Zhou, the Shang, and the local population. A Chinese nation was formed on the foundation of Zhou feudalism. ... dal-system

A modern version of feudalism is paying taxes and obligatory military service if there is conscription . ( just kidding )
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