Christianity is intrinsically anti-rational

Credulity and anti-intellectualism is praised throughout

Abrahamic religion, you know, the one with the cross...

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Re: Christianity is intrinsically anti-rational

#21  Postby Calilasseia » Jan 04, 2015 6:27 pm

Popping in briefly here with respect to this:

Rumraket wrote:Logic and reason are universally applicable concepts in all mental and intellectual disciplines, all worldviews "must" (should? - if they wish to be rational) abide by the rules of logic and critical thought. In so far as they do not, they are unreasonable, irrational and illogical.

The universal applicability of the tools of logic and reason, unfortunately, has a habit of being ignored by lovers of doctrines.

Rumraket wrote:There is no equality between how "science oriented people" refuse to take religious concepts as established facts, and how christianity is intrinsically opposed to using the principles of reason and logic to explore the rationality of faith in the first place.

Indeed, all that happens is that in the absence of testable hypotheses emanating from supernaturalists, their assertions are simply regarded as irrelevant. But this happens because those of us who paid attention in science classes, know that an untestable hypothesis is a useless hypothesis. We're aware of proper standards of evidence, and those proper standards of evidence do not involve the handing out of free passes to fabrications and fantasies. On the other hand, all too many supernaturalists have a nasty habit of summarily rejecting anything that does not conform to doctrine, regardless of whether or not the rejected ideas or observations are empirically and epistemologically sound, and in doing so, have an even nastier habit of demonstrating that their position consists, at bottom, of "if reality and doctrine differ, reality is wrong and doctrine is right".

Rumraket wrote:There is no statement in science, anywhere, that any one can go and look up, where the "adherent" are commanded to regard people who don't just believe as "fools". No one who has not seen but still believes is blessed. No one is encouraged to stop asking questions or to shut down their curiosity.

The exact opposite is the case. The exhortation emerging from the world of science is "test all assertions to destruction".

Rumraket wrote:The foundations of epistemology are constantly debated and attempted refined, outside of christianity, not with the goal of discovering a way of "proving non-christianity true", but to really actually discover a foundation for knowledge and truth, whatever it might be (christianity or not).

In short, the world of science is predicated on "what does the data say"? Supernaturalism is, by contrast, predicated upon "what does the doctrine say?".

Rumraket wrote:In so far as christian apologists attempt to meddle around with epistemology at all, they do it to deliberately construct a theory of knowledge that confirms christianity. See Alvin Plantinga's ludicrous reformed epistemology as an example. Or presuppositional apologetics. :crazy:

The very phrase "presuppositional apologetics" is an open admission of what is being offered. Namely, a blatant attempt to shore up a doctrine, regardless of whether reality agrees with this.
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Re: Christianity is intrinsically anti-rational

#22  Postby Animavore » Jan 04, 2015 8:35 pm

I used to treat some religious assertions as fact in my time. Now I can't understand how I used to do that at all. I guess this could illustrate that skepticism is a learnt trait and not knowing how one could live without it is like trying to imagine what it was like fumbling around before you could ride a bike or tie your shoelace.

I'm not comparing religious people to people who can't tie their own shoelace :shifty:
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