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I still think Richard Dawkins is the most eloquent expositor of the theory of evolution. Even my kids understand him, and they're imbeciles. If it wasn't for a fortuitous reading of one of his books ( I don't remember which) I'd still be stuck in the stone age, an inveterate Bible thumper, my head swimming with all kinds of dangerous, archaic, and nonsensical ideas. The earth is only thousands of years old. People sometimes lived to be 500 years old. Balaam's ass literally spoke. An axe head floated. Elijah was whisked away to heaven on a fiery chariot (at which point during his ascent through the stratosphere did he lose the ability to breathe?) An old lascivious woman was turned into salt. Samson singlehandedly slew a thousand armed Philistines. And, of course, during NT times people were rising from the grave left and right. This is the kind of nonsense with which the Bible abounds. I really think its a crime to indoctrinate our children wth it. The Jews, Muslims, Mormons, and every other religion I can think of do the same. It's a shame they aren't exposed to science early on, if only as an anecdote to the stupidity of religion. :ask:
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