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#181  Postby Stein » May 07, 2015 5:00 pm

Alan B wrote:
Skinny Puppy wrote:I have not come to change the law; they were valid before I came unto you. However, now you will follow what I teach you and you don’t have to follow the old laws anymore. What I say and will teach you is all that you need to gain the kingdom of heaven and only through me, and me alone, can you get to God. You will now get to God only through me and not by following the law.

That makes more sense. If you take 'God' out of the equation, then it could be read as: "I have meditated and found that I have reached a 'mind-state' that allows you to live in spiritual bliss without regard to any mundane Laws or restrictions." Obviously the Temple Elders didn't like this one bit - it threatened to take away their physical power over the gullible. Outside of this concept, any other stories or 'prophesies' (e.g. the 144,000 crap and the OT rubbish) are a nonsensical irrelevance.

Perhaps he reached 'Nirvana'? :scratch: (wooooooo! :lol: )

Thanks, Alan B, for this thread. I do think there is a logical modern way by which one can gain a better practical grip on just what the real purport of Jesus's sayings more likely was in general. While we don't know positively just which sayings were really his and which weren't, a pattern has recently emerged out of philological analysis on the different levels of likelihoods for different clusters of sayings. Rather than rehearsing what those different clusters of sayings are, I figure that linking to a recent posting here will be relevant and useful: ... n#p2224439


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