Well, Well, Welby. Archbishop doubts God.

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Well, Well, Welby. Archbishop doubts God.

#1  Postby Alan B » Nov 22, 2015 12:55 pm

Archbishop of Canterbury admits doubts about existence of God

The archbishop of Canterbury has admitted to having doubts about the existence of God and disclosed that, on a recent morning jog with his dog, he questioned why the Almighty had failed to intervene to prevent an injustice.

In a light-hearted but personal interview in front of hundreds of people in Bristol cathedral last weekend, Justin Welby said: "There are moments, sure, where you think 'Is there a God? Where is God?'"Welby quickly added that, as the leader of the world's 80 million-strong Anglican community, this was "probably not what the archbishop of Canterbury should say".

At last, the penny is beginning to drop...

But not for long, I suspect.
I have NO BELIEF in the existence of a God or gods. I do not have to offer evidence nor do I have to determine absence of evidence because I do not ASSERT that a God does or does not or gods do or do not exist.
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Re: Well, Well, Welby. Archbishop doubts God.

#2  Postby Ironclad » Nov 22, 2015 2:57 pm

God loves to destroy his delicate creations, Archbishop. He's everywhere, and he's a shite
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Re: Well, Well, Welby. Archbishop doubts God.

#3  Postby Arnold Layne » Nov 22, 2015 3:34 pm

He does know, surely, that God is fairly important to his job? No God, no job. Surely that should put him straight.

Still, the sooner he puts an end to the scam the better.
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