Winnipeg, CA wants to build indoctrination center

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Winnipeg, CA wants to build indoctrination center

#1  Postby leighshryock » Feb 26, 2010 5:06 am

The Conservative government in Ottawa and Winnipeg's city council are poised to help non-profit Youth For Christ build an $11.7-million, 50,000-square-foot youth centre at the northwest corner of Higgins Avenue and Main Street.


"This kind of 'good old boy' backroom dealing has become a hallmark of this administration and city council should put its foot down once and for all," Martin said. "You don't just hand over all the money earmarked for inner-city recreation to one well-connected organization, with no consultation, no competition and no due process."


Roughly one in 100 youths contacted by the organization -- 17,010 out of 154,192 -- "responded to the opportunity to become a Christian," said the report, which identified "the aboriginal youth community" as a "prime area for development." ... 64682.html

The last part is really repugnant. Look at all that they did to the Aborigines over the years with their indoctrination schemes.

The story just kinda tosses that in at the last second, but, this one has more on that:


The Christian youth centre in a primarily aboriginal neighbourhood stirs up thoughts of historical assimilation, some First Nations leaders told councillors.

Nahanni Fontaine, director of justice for the Southern Chiefs Organization, an advocacy group for First Nations people in southern Manitoba, said giving public money to the project would be like contributing to the contemporary version of residential schools under the guise of helping youth.

"[We] saw religion used as an abusive and violating mechanism in which to assimilate aboriginal children into Euro-Canadian mainstream," she said.

"Aboriginal people were assured that these sort of infringing practices and strategic policies would never occur again."

Approving this proposal would just be sanctifying a "more contemporary form of the residential school experience," Fontaine said.

"They are looking for the souls of our children," Kathy Mallet, an aboriginal community education activist, told council.

Damon Johnston, head of the Aboriginal Centre of Winnipeg, vowed the centre would be relentlessly picketed if it goes ahead.

"This is not 1876. You will not get away with this, let me assure you," he said, eliciting applause.


"Proselytizing is one of those words that's attached to the radical side of religion," Courtney told council on Wednesday.

"Do we think it's a good thing for any young person to embrace the Christian faith? Of course we do. Do we reject any services from kids that don't want to take that journey? Absolutely not."

The $11-million facility has already received support from the federal government, which has agreed to provide $3 million.

Youth for Christ has already raised about $1 million in private funds and is about to launch a campaign to raise $4 million more, Courtney said.

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