Discovery Institute angry at reporter for telling the truth

Deny they want ID taught in public schools.

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Discovery Institute angry at reporter for telling the truth

#1  Postby Shrunk » Feb 09, 2015 3:05 pm

There are legal issues about teaching anything that smacks of religion in American public schools. This is why the leading Intelligent Design Creationists are very careful to avoid saying that they want to mandate teaching of Intelligent Design Creationism in the public schools.

Recently, a reporter for the Sioux Falls (South Dakota, USA) Argus Leader wrote an article about teaching IDC. He implied that the Discovery Institute lied to him when they said they weren't pushing Intelligent Design Creationism in public schools. The Discovery Institute didn't like that at all [Journalistic Malpractice in South Dakota: Argus Leader Won't Correct Misleading Story.].... ... mment-form

I see the DI have Casey Luskin, their crack lawyering guy, on the case. While for the reporter's sake I hope it doesn't come to this, it would be highly entertaining if this were to go to trial. The creationists are overdue for another Dover style slapdown.
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