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Re: Discussion from "Calilasseia - CREATIONISTS-READ THIS"

#1041  Postby Animavore » Feb 11, 2011 10:01 pm

I think even Thor's thunder was stolen with that one.
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Re: Discussion from "Calilasseia - CREATIONISTS-READ THIS"

#1042  Postby Darkchilde » Feb 12, 2011 7:10 am

Thank you guys.

It was nowhere as detailed as I would like it to be. All my reference material is at home, and I wrote that at work. So I had to improvise with wikipedia and whatever little knowledge I have.
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Re: Discussion from "Calilasseia - CREATIONISTS-READ THIS"

#1043  Postby GenesForLife » Feb 12, 2011 7:37 am

And just to add to what Darkchilde wrote about matter waves and wave-particle duality, I see there was experimental verification of the De Broglie Equation (which captures the essence of dual behaviour) provided for electron diffraction by a Nickel crystal in 1927, which promptly sent De Broglie on his way to the Karolinska Institute to receive his Nobel in 1927.

Great post, btw, Darkchilde.

And oh look, in 1999 there was experimental confirmation of matter waves (more evidence for duality) in fullerenes.

Quantum superposition lies at the heart of quantum mechanics and gives rise to many of its paradoxes. Superposition of de Broglie matter waves1 has been observed for massive particles such as electrons2, atoms and dimers3, small van der Waals clusters4, and neutrons5. But matter wave interferometry with larger objects has remained experimentally challenging, despite the development of powerful atom interferometric techniques for experiments in fundamental quantum mechanics, metrology and lithography6. Here we report the observation of de Broglie wave interference of C60 molecules by diffraction at a material absorption grating. This molecule is the most massive and complex object in which wave behaviour has been observed. Of particular interest is the fact that C60 is almost a classical body, because of its many excited internal degrees of freedom and their possible couplings to the environment. Such couplings are essential for the appearance of decoherence7, 8, suggesting that interference experiments with large molecules should facilitate detailed studies of this process.

Full paper at http://www.inoa.it/home/azavatta/References/401680.pdf
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Re: Discussion from "Calilasseia - CREATIONISTS-READ THIS"

#1044  Postby Rumraket » Feb 12, 2011 7:55 am

Tsar popped up over at league of reason now, that'll be fun to watch.
http://forums.leagueofreason.co.uk/view ... 89#p101989
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Re: Discussion from "Calilasseia - CREATIONISTS-READ THIS"

#1045  Postby byofrcs » Feb 12, 2011 10:23 am

Interesting how the moderators here only had to delete the one offending entity,

- not based on the fitness of what the entity had to say but the fitness with respect to a much simpler underlying criteria i.e. the FUA, and,
- the moderators did not need to "search" for the fitness of all the entities that they did not delete

the moderators thus spent the least amount of energy in doing this cull.

What our recently banned contributor with the No Free Lunch was suggesting was that if this was "Evolution" then the moderators would have actually searched each and every one of us that remained to identify is we were fit. Now the moderators could do that if they had a vast amount of time and some criteria to judge what was fit but they don't and they don't need to - they only have to remove the unfit and then only through the failure against a more primitive criteria that cares little about the complexity of the arguments encoded or expressed in the entity.

This is the selection process of evolution and it is without purpose, blind and indifferent but it is energy efficient.

Intelligent design supporters may think they can use arguments with energy expensive "searches" as a defeater for the theory of Evolution and it would defeat Evolution if Evolution actually worked that way but they have to show how the more energy efficient non-search that is proposed is faulty and our late lamented contributor never did that before they went off the deep end.
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Re: Discussion from "Calilasseia - CREATIONISTS-READ THIS"

#1046  Postby Agrippina » Nov 19, 2011 11:37 am

Bookmarking this for later reading.
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