Modern selection pressure

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Modern selection pressure

#1  Postby bert » Jul 30, 2014 5:13 pm


Sometimes I think about the very different situation we have today versus only half a century ago. These days, just every kid born makes it till adulthood. That's not the case in the past, if I take a look at the fruits of my father's genealogy hobby.

But we still have selection pressures these days

1) Educated/intelligent people get fewer kids, if any (correlates with less religious people get fewer kids, increasing the fitness of the "gene" for gullibility)
2) I live in a country with on average the tallest people in the world. Women select taller men. I expect a divergence in height. (Height challenged people like me don't stand a chance because men are accessories: A women couldn't wear high heels next to a men of my height. I'm not really tiny, but by Dutch standards sufficiently significant below average: When I was in a village in southern France I felt TALL. I was taller than just about everyone in that village).
3) In my country, women have a career first. They get children very late (35+ to well in their forties), and often they can't get them anymore. Tremendous selection pressure there. I expect Dutch women to be able to bear children even later in life in a few generations, if this continues. (I don't expect it to continue, as freezing of eggs will start getting traction).

4) And now I read about this. That will select for off-spring less sensitive to the pill. ... story.html

No matter what, we'll evolve inescapably.

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