Reality TV star blames the Holocaust on evolution

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Re: Reality TV star blames the Holocaust on evolution

#21  Postby Darwinsbulldog » Oct 07, 2014 12:53 am

tolman wrote:
Darwinsbulldog wrote:Child abuse that is sadly not recognized as child abuse. It has been a long and tragically slow road for communities to become aware, and repelled by child rape, and I fear it will take even longer for everyone to be repelled at the indoctrination of children, for whatever "cause".

Though it is rather tricky even for one person to say where a line should be drawn, even if they see some situations as clearly being on one side of the line or another, let alone where people would be likely to agree to draw a line.

Especially if the issue is one where over-protective significantly overlaps with meaningfully-harmful or abusive, and where there are complexities regarding how grown up a particular child might be if they have historically been over-protected.

For all that I disapprove of children being indoctrinated, I'd be unsure how to sensibly and clearly define what is acceptable and unacceptable in a way which isn't heavily culturally-specific.

I have zero respect for culture. Culture mainly means doing things the way have they have always been done, with little or no respect for reason and evidence. The sole test of a lot of culturophiles have is to ask if it is "cultural"!! As if age alone qualifies some idea to practice to be good.
Basically, if one can't question a religion or culture then that should set off a red flag. Children should be taught to question, not to conform. Let these customs stand on their own merit. Educating the young this way is certainly more hassle, but if some culture or creed is self-evidently true, this will emerge from such criticism. If not, then nothing is lost and everything is gained.

Jayjay4547 wrote:
"When an animal carries a “branch” around as a defensive weapon, that branch is under natural selection".
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