Remember Stevebee?

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Re: Remember Stevebee?

#441  Postby CADman2300 » Oct 09, 2010 12:02 pm

Made of Stars wrote:Back on the magic roundabout with Stevebee, are we? :doh:

You could say that. He is persistent and you gotta give him credit for that.

But there are some things about him that can get on a rationalist's nerves, such as this piece taken from his blog: page 1A.
Use you own thinking. Short quotes are fine. Huge chunks are not.

I will add to this list as comments come up that have been immensely overused. I really do want intelligent evolutionaut challenges, and this list should be helpful.

Then in a later paragraph he says this.
I promote independent thinking. I have seen and read most pro-evolution sites, and many anti-evolution sites, and I pretty much know what they say. So, please do your own thinking and challenging, and refrain from forwarding links. Don’t waste your time giving me broad generalizations in hopes that you can show me how evolution “really” works.

:what: Independent thinking has no bearing on whether of not something is true but it's clear that he doesn't realize that, or simply refuses to acknowledge it. When he dismisses an argument as "trite, and repetitive" that usually means that he'd rather ignore it than address it properly with a counter-example. I'm pretty sure this is a common creationist fallacy and I'm sure he's well aware of it, but he underestimates and insults the intelligence of his critics when he uses it.

In another article where he debated CDK007, poorly I might add, he was pointed to a video about open mindedness by Qualiasoup. Science thrives on open mindedness which really just implies a willingness to a accept new ideas but Steve intentionally and rudely misrepresented it to mean that science was closed minded to any and all of his ideas.
Thanks for demonstrating my point so well. You couldn’t have done it better. Take your stupid video to a religious/superstitious site.

Like I said before; science thrives on new ways of thinking. Telling "evolutionauts" to cut and run is NOT a new way of thinking. Why he doesn't see that is anyone's guess.
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