Mesmerizing gifs of awesome waves

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Mesmerizing gifs of awesome waves

#1  Postby crank » Jun 01, 2017 6:28 pm

These are as cool as the stills of waves I posted about a year and a half ago, the waves move but don't go anywhere, beautiful.

You really have to see these things on the site, I couldn't figure out a way to present one here without a lot of work[ and probably more brains], but this is one still:
The Hypnotic Allure of Cinemagraphic Waves

Ocean waves are, by definition, in a constant state of motion. They swell, surge, crest, and break, and then ebb into another pulse of water. For a photographer, capturing this process requires impeccable timing—a sense for that moment when a wave will rise, or crash, or form a perfect barrel—so that the image is frozen in time but also captures the essence of movement. Ray Collins is a master of that moment, and has won awards for his deep, textured photographs of mountainous waves and roiling seascapes.

Cinematographer Armand Dijcks had been experimenting with animating splashes of water when he first encountered Collins’s photographs. He wondered if he could show the waves “in motion, but staying in place at the same time,” he says. “The idea was to stretch out the 1/8000th [of a] second during which the image was created into infinity. In a lot of my work, I like to mess with people’s minds a little, and this contrast between a very short time span being stretched infinitely long, and between motion and stillness is a perfect example of that.”
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