Slow earthquakes- 6.7 mag spread over 2 weeks

ETS's--Episodic tremor and slip

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Slow earthquakes- 6.7 mag spread over 2 weeks

#1  Postby crank » Mar 17, 2017 10:37 am

I hadn't heard of these things before. I've been warning about a quake off the Northwest Pacific coast being way worse than anything LA should expect, but this is new to me. The video I stumbled across isn't new, it's from 2010. This guy is engaging, it's worth giving it a look. So, GPS monitoring popped up something really unusual, they recorded the expected 30cm a year motion, but every 14 months, the direction of motion switched 180 degrees! This wasn't expected. They got a lot more GPS units to monitor a much wider range and found the same thing, every 14 months, this weird reversal. Watch video for the rest. These slow earthquakes became known as Episodic tremor and slip, and it looks like they might be leading up to the 9ish size earthquake the whole area Oregon to Washington should expect at some point, possibly quite soon.

And another with why they expect a big one up there:

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