Council's 'capitulation' to aggressive Muslim campaign

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Council's 'capitulation' to aggressive Muslim campaign

#1  Postby HomerJay » Mar 19, 2010 9:47 am

'caused teacher's breakdown' ... kdown.html

This is a very similar situation to the one I described over on the 'wearing a hijab to class' thread, which happened locally and luckily didn't result in the same disasterous outcome for the Head concerned.

It demonstrates the point I made about how we can protect teachers, Heads and schools from aggressive religiosity.

Whilst a school takeover may not be the same as allowing religous identity politics to prevade schools, you'll notice that the campaign to takeover the school is also accompanied by a constant campaign of allegations of Islamophobia around several and any petty incidents, used to build a portfolio of evidence that the school can only satisfy muslims if it is reduced to a faith school.

This is exactly what happened locally as well, issues could be individual teachers, lack of support for urdu or arabic, gender separation, music and dance lessons etc.

I made the point on the hijab thread that it is a question of leadership and it seems that this is exactly what the judge has criticised the council for in this case, I also made the point that there is a requirement to reduce the expectations of muslims in their ability to make religious requirements of the schools.

So the need is for LEAs to defend schools qua secular spaces rather than make decisions about what constitute the requirements of particular religions.
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