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Re: Homeschooling experience/tips etc

#21  Postby Teshi » Apr 08, 2010 12:07 pm

I was responding to someone who suggested homeschooling was inferior


I wrote:
In a two-on-one situation, you are doing what a teacher dreams of:

Does that sound like I think it's inferior? As I have already explained, I didn't feel that once I had established that I thought that homeschool was a better intellectual system I needed to only stick to the positives because, as you say, it's a sea of grey.

I never said homeschooling "would" or "will" cause problems, I said "can" or "may".

I'm not exactly sure where we disagree. We both think homeschooling is a great system, but I, who went through the public system and now teach there wanted to explain why I think public schooling is not so awful after all but is quite different from homeschooling. You can barely accuse me of stereotyping when you describe all schools to be populated by violence and systematic bullying as if they are stuck in some movie from the sixties.
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Re: Homeschooling experience/tips etc

#22  Postby cathyincali » Apr 19, 2010 6:09 am

Teshi, thanks for being generally positive about homeschooling even though you haven't been involved it it.

I wanted to point out that most of us (at least most of us in California) end up settling somewhere other than where we grew up (actually, often we settle near where we went to university) and tend to have a distinct lack of people with whom we can share "remember when..." moments from our primary to secondary schooling. I actually only live 50 miles away from where I grew up, but my good friends that I still "know" all live hours and hours away, and I rarely see or talk with them.

My homeschooled daughters, on the other hand, will see probably see each other a lot (they are very close and see each other frequently, at their current young-adult ages) and have a *lot* of "remember when" moments.

Perhaps you meant that public school kids will have a lot of similar experiences and shared context, but I think most of the shared contexts I have seen among schooled and homeschooled (and unschooled) populations have to do with cultural things like music and TV shows, plus "big events" like Princess Di dying or terrorist attack....
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