Latest PISA studies out.

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Latest PISA studies out.

#1  Postby I'm With Stupid » Dec 03, 2013 7:53 pm

Gotta say I've become more and more dubious about these over the years. And with Vietnam included in the ranking for the first time, given my knowledge of the Vietnamese education system (which is a bad joke), my suspicions have been confirmed. The study ranks Vietnam as 8th in the world in the sciences, one behind South Korea. This is an education system that regularly has classes of 50 students learning things from memory. My students tell me that they hate history lessons because they consist entirely of memorising dates of famous events. And this isn't just my opinion, most of the locals and students consider their education system to be terrible.

Looks like Vietnam might be another one to add to this quote by Yong Zhao: "It's no news that the Chinese education system is excellent in preparing outstanding test takers, just like other education systems within the Confucian cultural circle: Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong."

Anyway, here are the full rankings.

And a link to a TES article on them.

Do you think they have any value or is the comparison between countries as flawed as some claim? Or are poor Asian countries like Vietnam genuinely better educators than most countries in the developed world?
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Re: Latest PISA studies out.

#2  Postby Mazille » Dec 03, 2013 8:59 pm

Seeing as it is a test people take, I'm not surprised that educational systems brutally intent on making pupils perfect at passing tests score pretty fucking highly. On a more positive note, I'm not at all surprised that the shining beacons of European systems (that being Scandinavia and such), while mostly not being big on just getting people test ready, still score very well. They actually seem to be just that good.
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Re: Latest PISA studies out.

#3  Postby Rome Existed » Dec 05, 2013 8:18 am

I called it.

I called that Australia would slip down the list as more and more Americanised education was brought in.

What do I win?

Oh, a less educated country. Woot!
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Re: Latest PISA studies out.

#4  Postby Scot Dutchy » Dec 05, 2013 8:58 am

Queen's University Belfast mathematician Dr. Hugh Morrison argues that the statistical model underlying PISA has a fundamental, insoluble mathematical error that renders Pisa rankings "valueless".[32] Goldstein told the TES that Morrison highlights “an important technical issue” rather than the “profound conceptual error”. PISA “has been used inappropriately and some of the blame for that lies with PISA itself. I think it tends to say too much for what it can do and it tends not to publicise the negative or the weaker aspects.”

A quote from the Wiki article.

There is all another thread about this.

No wonder Asia does well. Kids there have no life just school. By the time they go to university they are burnt out.
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