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Studying Abroad

#1  Postby MysteryTupperware » Feb 28, 2010 4:47 pm

I thought this could be the place for asking, discussing, discovering and sharing things related to abroad studying. I know nothing about it, so of course I'm curious, now that I have decided to do this myself in a few years. :grin:

Hm, nothing else to add, me thinks, so just ask away and hopefully there are a few people that can help. :)


So, I've been wondering, the school year you are in, does that affect where you will end up studying in the country you travel to? I plan on taking Japanese with Japan studies at uni, and to get a bachelor degree, you have to study either a half or a full semester in Japan. Most people I've heard of travelled already in high school, so they were placed on some high school in their country of choice. I guess it's natural that I would end up in uni, since that's where I will come from, but... I keep thinking, that would be too much for me, wouldn't that level be too high for me? :scratch:
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