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Posting Film & TV related - PLEASE READ

#1  Postby Mr.Samsa » Mar 09, 2010 4:36 am


1. If a thread is set up to discuss specific aspects of a movie, then please include the word "[SPOILERS]" in the thread title so that people who haven't seen the movie can avoid the thread. For instance, if I wanted to discuss the latest Star Trek movie then my thread title would be "Star Trek [SPOILERS]".

2. If you are posting in a thread where it is obvious that the OP or other members haven't seen the movie (such as "Is District 9 worth watching?" or "Have you seen that New Movie that's only just been released in the US?") then please put any details of the plot line into a spoiler tag. For example:

Yeah "That Movie" is great I particularly like the bit where
[Reveal] Spoiler: 1
you find out the bad guy was the guy from the trailer but it sucked how in the end they weren't really aliens but were actually bunny rabbits in scary suits who were trying to save the world from a carrot shortage!

(If you are unsure of how to use the spoiler tags, then feel free to PM a mod who will help you).

3. The third rule of Film & TV is you do not talk about Fight Club. Just kidding, you can.

Basically, please respect the fact that you can ruin movies for the other members in this forum and that's not a very nice thing to do. Any instances where members have forgotten to follow the spoiler rules will have their thread titles or posts edited to include these changes - if the mods consistently have to edit your posts and thread titles to include spoilers, and constant reminders fail to instill this courtesy in you, then be aware that such behavior may be viewed as trolling and sanctioned as such.

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