Acidic and alkaline foods

Any effect on the stomach?

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Re: Acidic and alkaline foods

#41  Postby ScholasticSpastic » Dec 20, 2015 2:57 pm

tolman wrote:I had a spell of acid reflux a long time ago, which usually happened the same time of day (late morning).
It wasn't too severe, but it went on for some time.

At that time H. Pylori was the hot new thing and the local hospital was doing a pilot project looking for it. I got referred there by my GP 'just in case'. I'd been expecting an endoscope thinner than a pencil, but was a bit surprised when they produced something that seemed more the thickness of a small child's arm, and even more surprised when I managed to swallow it.

They didn't find anything, and in the end, temporarily changing my eating schedule to include a mid-morning snack seemed to get rid of the reflux.
That, or the threat of another visit to the hospital scared whatever had been misbehaving back into line.

I was recently tested for it. Now we do blood tests- nothing more invasive than a needle in the arm. I hate needles, so it was still no fun, but there was a baby kangaroo wandering past when I was finished and they let me pet it. I am given to understand that this was not a usual occurrence because there was a long, angry line at the reception counter and all the receptionists had abandoned their duties to come see the kangaroo.
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