Science is a system of beliefs.

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Re: Science is a system of beliefs.

#261  Postby The_Metatron » Apr 11, 2015 5:29 pm

surreptitious57 wrote:You obviously arrived at that conclusion without thinking at all of a single logical reason as to why someone can become a human Faraday cage. And as such you not so much got the answer wrong as failed to provide one at all so have another go and think this time because I have seen this experiment being conducted as have others also and so it is perfectly genuine

The answer to what? You posed no question, just shat out something you called a fact that used terms incorrectly.

The trick for which you're searching is called skin effect. Tesla used this trick to great effect.

You want a go at making yourself a series part of a trunk that powers a city? Let's put your convictions to the test, shall we?

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