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Sylvain Durif

#1  Postby aban57 » Jun 18, 2016 4:17 pm

So I don't really know where to put this, since it's not really a religion, and his belifs are pretty broad.

Behold, Sylvain Pierre Durif !

His "soul name" is Oriana, and he's connected to the energy of the Green Man (called by the prophecies "The Great Monarch") , who also was called Merlin. All that is the same person, himself. He was announced by Nostradamus.
At age 5, he saw snakes and monkeys (plural) dance on his bed. He was "abducted" by one of the spaceships of the Virgin Mary.
Since then, he can dream of future events.
One day, he went to Montreal, where he met a Romanian who told him he knew his name was Pierre, and he had been waiting for him for 20 years. He's meant to accompagny humanity to the 5th dimension. The Romanian tells him he should look into Atlantis, since Pierre is linked to the quetzalcoatl. Pierre is one man-bird too, meaning he's a superman. He realises that when he was abducted, at 5, he was brought to Aldebaran, where supermen-creation labs can be found.
So he is the Great Monarch, he incarnates the energy of the Cosmic Christ, who is not Jesus. Jesus is a seperate person. The Christ is Jesus' teacher, Melchisadoc. This Cosmic Christ is a spiritual master that accompagnies (he never says "leads") the light beeings called the Confederation of the Master of Sacred Heart, among which we can find Jesus, Buddha, Mary...
This interview has been made in Bugarach (the village in France where lunatics gathered for the maya's end of the world in 2012).
There, he could go below the mountain, thanks to his ability to travel outside his body, and he saw there a light city , a diamond city called Arcadia. He also could observe Virgin Mary's spaceship (all of golden color)
On the 21st od december, an alchemy process, leading to an elevation process, was going to happen. Humanity, everywhere in the universe (not only on earth), will live in peace and harmony with other animals, vegetals and minerals. Even fayries and gnomes.

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Re: Sylvain Durif

#2  Postby kiore » Jun 18, 2016 6:54 pm

Seems plausible, I mean not many people know the colour of the virgin Mary's spaceship so this has got to be proof of sorts.
Go on unbelievers, prove it isn't that colour.
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Re: Sylvain Durif

#3  Postby DougC » Jun 19, 2016 12:27 am

He is not speaking English, and as we all know this is the true language of GOD, so he must be a crank. :british:
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