The Obligatory 9/11 Thread Part II

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Re: The Obligatory 9/11 Thread Part II

#9261  Postby psikeyhackr » Sep 12, 2017 2:31 pm

psikeyhackr wrote:#&*%!@ 9/11 Anniversary

[514,671} Forgot to keep count for posterity. :naughty:
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Re: The Obligatory 9/11 Thread Part II

#9262  Postby proudfootz » Sep 12, 2017 2:57 pm

I can hardly wait to see Rachel Maddow getting all over this story.

New evidence submitted in a lawsuit against the Saudi Arabian government shows that its embassy in Washington may have funded a 9/11 “dry run” by two Saudis, possibly reinforcing the claim that employees and agents of the kingdom directed and aided the 9/11 hijackers, the New York Post reported on Saturday.

Two years before the airliner attacks, the Saudi Embassy paid for two nationals living in the US as students to fly from Phoenix to Washington “in a dry run for the 9/11 attacks,” alleges the amended complaint filed on behalf of the families of some 1,400 victims who died in the terrorist attacks 16 years ago, the Post said.

The court filing provides new details that paint “a pattern of both financial and operational support” for the 9/11 conspiracy from official Saudi sources, lawyers for the plaintiffs say. They add that the Saudi government may have been involved in underwriting the attacks from the earliest stages, including testing cockpit security. ... un/231796/

This has got that 'Russian hack' conspiracy theory beat by a country mile.
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