Christianity again supporting Genocide

2022 not 1022.

Abrahamic religion, you know, the one with the cross...

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Christianity again supporting Genocide

#1  Postby Spearthrower » Nov 23, 2022 3:11 am ... -genocide/ ... omophobia/ ... ill-a77461

This time it's Orthodox Christianity and the words are in Russian, but the song remains the same. Organized religion, particularly the abrahamic ones, are always intricately linked with generating public 'spiritual' support for murderous regimes and genocide.

As usual, were he to face justice, the immediate aftermath of those who acknowledged the reality of any verdict would be to dismiss it as the act of just one man. That's just one man in a vast crowd of just one men who have found in Christianity the justification for savage acts of violence against other supposedly God-created human beings.
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Religion: Mass Stockholm Syndrome

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