Religious delusion

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Religious delusion

#1  Postby Sityl » Mar 05, 2010 8:25 pm

When people talk to god, it's called "praying." When god talks back, it's called delusion, and the people who hear him are put in a psych ward. I can understand that there's a quantitative difference in the amount of delusion required to talk to an imaginary man and to actually hear him talking back, but there is no qualitative difference.

There's a reason that people who claim to hear the voice of god are put in psych wards, it's because we all know he's an imaginary character. So why can't fundies make the connection between the two delusions? You never hear about them protesting when people who "talk to god" are put in a psych ward. Clearly most of them recognise that said delusional person belongs there, so why can't they make that mental jump of, "If it's crazy to hear god talking to you, it's crazy to spend time talking to him."
Stephen Colbert wrote:Now, like all great theologies, Bill [O'Reilly]'s can be boiled down to one sentence - 'There must be a god, because I don't know how things work.'

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