Anti-Ecumenicalism and Elder Care?

Is there an ill-defined 'culture' needing/meriting translation efforts?

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Anti-Ecumenicalism and Elder Care?

#1  Postby Someone » Jun 16, 2012 1:54 am

The basic question I raise, derived from some thinking about translation of what I deem to be a good political book for 'Anti-English Tagalogs' and even 'Anti-Tagalog Filipinos' (and Filipinas, but you know, this not gender-linguistic discussion, etc.), quotes needed as shorthand for what might be read as expedient illiteracy in some globally meaningful sense. The question was where it might be good to stop. I consider a kind of best person who is heroically involved with their locals as needing some down-time about the world or for more non-spoken assistance about more of it for later changes prior to rather than instead of 'world-class' literacy, something more than just big-translation books like Bible. It's analogous to orphan diseases in medicine, where the population affected is out of the money (and there is or could be global risk). People out of school and out of an easy-learning ecumene, to the degree this still exists. Just wondering if there are thoughts here. Just looking at unlucky smart, good adults who might reach an end. Anybody think this sort exists or does not now more emphatically than my 'not sure'?
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