Waswe, hu nao save long Pijin blong Solomon?

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Waswe, hu nao save long Pijin blong Solomon?

#1  Postby Shuggy » May 27, 2010 8:51 am

Mi, nao, mi save, from longtaem go, long 1974-6, mi stap long Galekana, olsem voluntia, long SIBC, fo tisam olketa ripoata an olketa anaonsa.

Taem mi stap, mi raetem tufala buk long Pijin, Pijin Blong Yumi [Iumi tude], an wanfala plei, Bigman Edipusu, we Sofoklis i raetem long Grik langguis, an mi sensim go from Inglis, from mi no save long Grik.

No mata hemi longtaem go finis nao, mi save iet.
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