Catalonia referendum website on IPFS

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Catalonia referendum website on IPFS

#1  Postby VazScep » Sep 30, 2017 4:11 pm

This is the most high profile use of a piece of tech I'm super interested in, IPFS. The tech is a global, distributed filesystem. Files added to the filesystem cannot be modified or deleted so long as some computer on the network has a copy of it. This means that data cannot be lost just because a webserver goes down or is seized by authorities. Data cannot be changed or censored either simply by changing that data at the source. The upshot is that we can potentially have a peer-to-peer, permanent web, free of government control and censorship. The tech isn't new, and is based on the same ideas behind bittorrent and its magnet links.

Tomorrow, Catalonia apparently wants to have an independence referendum, but their attempts to get information out to Catalonias on how to vote met with strong government disapproval, who have seized physical webservers in order to prevent the referendum from taking place. In response, Catalonia has hosted their website on IPFS. You can access it through an HTTP gateway here, or you can download IPFS yourself and grab the website peer-to-peer, and then start seeding it yourself.

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Re: Catalonia referendum website on IPFS

#2  Postby Macdoc » Sep 30, 2017 4:16 pm

Brilliant ....figured Catalonia would go to something like this ....thanks for this and Go Catalonia....Spain's optics are awful on this.
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