Cave Drone from Aliens Appears To Be Real

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Cave Drone from Aliens Appears To Be Real

#1  Postby aufbahrung » Dec 11, 2020 4:43 am

Ridley Scott inspires Network Rail’s cave-exploring drone
By Chris Baraniuk

When Hollywood director Ridley Scott filmed astronauts looking for aliens in his 2012 movie Prometheus, little did he know that it would one day inspire a Network Rail drone project.

But, bizarrely, that's exactly what has happened. Network Rail, which owns and maintains most of the railway infrastructure in Britain - from vast stretches of track to thousands of bridges, tunnels and level crossings - has long sought cheaper and easier ways of surveying the many underground caves and abandoned mines dotted around its property.

Engineers must account for "shallow" subterranean voids when doing building work or moving heavy machinery, because the caverns might collapse and cause the ground above to shift. There are more than 5,000 shallow voids in Britain.

ship struck the rocks yesterday, and the worst is yet to be....
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