NASA's 18 for moon

Artemis: NASA picks astronauts for new Moon missions

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NASA's 18 for moon

#1  Postby DougC » Dec 11, 2020 4:39 am

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Artemis: Nasa picks astronauts for new Moon missions

Nasa has announced 18 astronauts who will travel to the Moon under the agency's Artemis programme.

They include individuals who have already travelled to the International Space Station, as well as new recruits who have never flown in space.

The group includes the next man and first woman who will walk on the lunar surface in 2024.

The cadre of nine women and nine men were announced by US Vice-President Mike Pence at an event in Florida.

He said: "My fellow Americans, I give you the heroes of the future who will carry us back to the Moon and beyond."
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