Neil deGrasse Tyson doing a disservice

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Re: Neil deGrasse Tyson doing a disservice

#21  Postby tuco » Mar 01, 2017 4:44 pm

HopDavid wrote:Tyson will study something with half his attention and then build a story around it. Which is usually entertaining but not always accurate.

Most his misinformation is harmless. For example, being confused on the cardinality of infinite sets doesn't do the average Joe Rogan listener any harm.

But sometimes he uses his garbled memory, incomplete understanding and vivid imagination to slam an individual or group. Then it's serious.

I've compiled a list of Tyson screw ups. His thing is over simplified pop science and history, often wrong.

Well said. I guess its not easy to avoid such blunders when one is a public figure. Of course he could say .. I do not know .. but then if he was really honest, it would probably become difficult to be a public figure. If someone is smart, knowledgeable and known, good number of people seem to expect such person to have answers for everything, and such person seems to have tendency to deliver as expected.
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