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Science News Resources

#1  Postby MedGen » Feb 27, 2010 4:06 pm

I thought it was about time we collated the various sources that people checkup on to stay abreast of scientific advances within their respective fields of interest; this includes blogs, pop-science magazine websites, media news sources etc. I'll start with a few obvious ones then a few of my own. If people do add their own then please state which field of science they refer to besides the obvious three major disciplines.

Please add your suggestions in the following thread: Science News Resources suggestions
This topic will be kept locked and will be updated by moderators, when they see a new, suggested website, and have had time to check it. Thank you.

General Science
New Scientist
Scientific American
AAAS (American Academy for the Advancement of Science)
Science - Peer reviewed journal - news articles less than four weeks old freely availble
EurekAlert! Science News - Media Science News Source
Nature - Peer reviewed journal(not open access) - other news feeds and blogs are freely availble from this resource
CSIRO news - Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
LiveScience News Feed
Seed Magazine
Science Blogs
UC Berkley Science Matters
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - Peer reviewd journal with limited open access (covers biological, physical and some social sciences)
Science File
Discover Magazine
Discover Magazine Blogs
BBC News Science and Environment
The Science Network
World Science U

Synthetic life and AI
Machines Like Us - News resource covering synthetic life, cognition and other sciences aimed at improving the human condition.

Biology and The Life Sciences
Bad Science
Science-based medicine - blog
The Scientist
Public Library of Science - A collection of open access peer reviewed journals
BioMed Central - A collection of open access peer reviewed journals, blogs and news feeds
Respectful Insolence - Medicine orientated blog

Molecular Biology
Bitesize Bio
The EMBO Journal - Peer reviewed journal
BioMed Central Molecular Biology - Open access peer-reviewed journal
Genes and Development - Peer reviewed journal (not open access)
Cell - Peer reviewed journal and other cell biology resources

Nature Genetics - Peer reviewed journal (not open access)
Nature Reviews Genetics - Peer reviewed journal (not open access)
American Journal of Human Genetics - Peer reviewed journal (not open access)
Genes and Immunity - Peer reviewed journal (limited open access)
Genome Web
BioMed Central Genetics - Open Access Peer reviewed journal


Earth Sciences and Climate Change
Nature Climate Change Blog
NASA - Earth Observatory News
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - News Archives
The Cryoshphere Today
The Guardian Environment Network - A Resource from The Guardian Newspaper(UK)
United States Global Change Research Program
Real Climate - Climate change blog

BBC News Technology

Psychology, Cognitive Sciences and Neuroscience
Psyblog - blog
Mindhacks - blog
Brain blogger
The Neurocritic

Astronomy and Cosmology
European Space Agency
International year of Astronomy 2009
Cosmos Magazine
The Planetary Society - blog

QM and Particle Physics

Arxiv - e-print articles provided by Cornell University

Jodcast - Astronomy podcast

Twitter feeds
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