Smiling face appears to be 2 years older than poker face

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Smiling face appears to be 2 years older than poker face

#1  Postby the_5th_ape » May 11, 2017 6:26 am

A new study shows that smiling can make you appear to be two years older than if you wear a poker face. And if you reacted to that finding with a look of surprise -- well, that expression might just have dropped years from your visage.

"We associate smiling with positive values and youth," said study co-author Melvyn Goodale, director of the Brain and Mind Institute at Western University. "Think of all the skin-care and toothpaste companies that sell the same idea every day."

But this study -- in which researchers flashed images of people with smiling, neutral and surprised expressions -- showed the opposite: participants perceived the surprised faces as the youngest and smiling faces the oldest. ... 132835.htm
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Re: Smiling face appears to be 2 years older than poker face

#2  Postby zulumoose » May 11, 2017 7:01 am

Surprise widens the eyes, that will make anyone look more alert and open, therefore younger.
Smiling making you look older is definitely counter-intuitive.
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