Dung clue to Hannibal's Alpine crossing

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Dung clue to Hannibal's Alpine crossing

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B.B.C. Article

Scientists may be closer to revealing the route taken by Hannibal as he crossed to Alps to attack ancient Rome.
A team says they have found a churned up layer of soil at an Alpine pass near the French-Italian border that dates to the time of Hannibal's invasion.
In Archaeometry journal, they say the disturbed sediment was rich in microbes that are common in horse manure.
Hannibal's third century BC campaign is seen as one of the greatest military endeavours in antiquity.
He was commander-in-chief of the Carthaginian army during its second war with Rome (218-201 BC). Carthage was located in present-day Tunisia and was Rome's main military rival at the time.

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