El Chichon eruption implicated in Mayan upheaval

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El Chichon eruption implicated in Mayan upheaval

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B.B.C. Article

Scientists think they can now tie the disruption that hit Mayan civilisation in the 6th Century to an eruption of the El Chichon volcano.
A Dutch team has investigated ash fall deposits, finding the age of the materials to be a good match for the so-called Mayan "hiatus".
This was a time when the sophisticated central Americans experienced cultural upheaval and political instability.
They also abandoned many of their favoured lowland sites.
A sulphur spike in ice core records from the poles indicates there was a big eruption somewhere on Earth in AD 540 - right at the start of the multi-decade hiatus.
It must have been a major event to have left such a distinctive signature in the frozen layers, and very likely led to global climate impacts and severe environmental degradation in the region of the blast.

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