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The Volkskörper literally translated as either 'national body' or 'body national' and was used to refer to an 'ethnic body politic' used in German population science that emerged in the second half of the 19th century and was increasingly defined in terms of racial biology unto Nazi Germany. After 1945 the term was largely used synonymous with population in anthropology or population (similar to ethnicity or nation-state) as in geography. In political parlance however, the Volkskörper served as a metaphor for an organic and biological understanding of the unity between the Völk and society. It was used in Germany during the 19th and 20th centuries, especially in anti-Semitic and racial hygiene texts, in order to semantically differentiate the 'Völk', conceived as a biological and racial unit, from so-called 'parasites', 'pests' and 'diseases'. In this naturalistic sense 'excretion' was construed in such a way as to define elements of the population to be disease-causing and therefore needed to be expelled. The metaphor of the body national was therefore closely related to the Nazi regime's racial system and justified the enactment of policies like Aktion T4.

Under the influence of evolutionary theory and social Darwinism, the metaphor of the folk body became increasingly naturalistic in the last third of the 19th century. This was intended to express an unconditional dependence of various social groups on one another. Conversely, authors and publicists used the term to pathologize social groups they particularly rejected. The term was initially used primarily by anti-Semites to justify the need to 'exclude' Jews from society as allegedly 'harmful elements'.

The court preacher Adolf Stöcker put it as follows:
“Modern Judaism is a foreign blood drop in our national body; it is a perishable, only perishable power. "

— Adolf Stöcker, Christian Social. Speeches and essays. 2nd Edition. Berlin 1890, p. 399.
In this way, the 'German people', but also the 'Jewish people', were declared to be an organic whole and the existence of one people in the other was impossible.

Mike_L wrote:In a society that is undergoing demographic change (such as the UK), "diversity" and "minority representation" simply amount to accelerated handover by (and dispossession of) the indigenous population. As the proportion of "minorities" approaches parity with that of the indigenous population, the representation that they demand will become ever greater. This is why a scheming racist like Ash Sarkar demands "transformation".

Parasites consuming the host.
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