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#41  Postby RaspK » Dec 02, 2010 9:47 am

An interesting aspect (and one I commonly raise) is the evolution of what's perceived as impossible and how thoughts contain the information regarding them, adapt to them, and so on.

Regarding the supernatural and monotheistic miracles, for instance, it is interesting to note that in the time of ancient Judea, people didn't find anything weird about the Pharaoh's magicians casting their staffs down and them transforming into snakes. I could also point out that this flowed out into the perception of the other two major monotheistic religions (all Abrahamic), and people of these followings still believe in demonic powers and so on. Others, however, honestly got the belief that no demonic entity has any real power over the world.

On the other hand, it is interesting to see how the transubstantiation of the wine to water performed in liturty is taken to be metaphysical, in that it wasn't the chemistry that changed (what is called "the accidents") but some mystical property of Platonic foundation (what he called "substance" indeed). This is in response to any cursory examination. However, nobody believes that the loaves and fish, or the wine to water, or water-thin blood were metaphysical examples only, but chemical!

Therefore, we can see how "simple" matters reach into the physical, while problematic ones remain in the "supernatural."
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