Playing with Desmos Graphing (for radial graphs)

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Playing with Desmos Graphing (for radial graphs)

#1  Postby LjSpike » Dec 01, 2016 9:02 pm

I was just playing with throwing a few little things into equations (as i've found it can be quite satisfying when an unusual result pops up).
Now, I was playing with the radial graphs, using r and theta. I threw together one combination and had to close the tab, as it caused desmos to become unresponsive, I correctly guess that was due to it plotting too many lines. I then did it again but with a restricted range, and I did a bit of looking about with it, and I'd say its a bit on an interesting on.
That link brings you to the graph I constructed, play around with adjusting the range (Bearing in mind allowing plotting for negative values of r can be slightly resource intensive). One interesting thing I noticed was that plotting different parts of the graph separately, the lines don't quite join up always, but when making the ranges overlap enough, the lines do join up.

Hopefully it should intrigue a few of you out there.
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