Lyme disease ...the horror..the horror

Understanding the basis and treatment of disease.

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Lyme disease ...the horror..the horror

#1  Postby Macdoc » Jul 06, 2019 4:25 pm

ouch big time...fucking ticks...

Jones was diagnosed with Lyme disease three months ago, but has learned plenty over the last few gruelling years. (Arianne Jones/Instgram)

When life gives you Lyme
'Be vulnerable. Listen to your body. Take time to just breathe. Find your people, and ask them for help.'
By Arianne Jones for CBC Sports
July 3, 2019

I was the underdog who competed at the Olympics.
I won a World Cup medal. I broke my back. I came back and won gold. Now I have Lyme. If my life was an amusement park ride, it would be the most epic rollercoaster.
Let me share a pivotal moment from February 2016. I am standing in the leaders box with my relay teammates. We have won the Luge World Cup. Gold. This is my first-ever gold medal. You train your whole life, every day, to be your best, and that day is today. You know this feeling is fleeting. Next week, someone else will be the best, but today is yours. Now, I want to freeze this moment and rewind.

more ...good read but what a horrible journey ... ... s-you-lyme
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