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Group Listing

#1  Postby KeenIdiot » Jan 25, 2013 2:54 am

Is there a group listing here? Just one detailing the various ones we're a member of or something?

I did a search but nothing's turning up. However I just recently did a search for something that I know is on the forum and it didn't pull up.

If there is, please handle this thread appropriately.
In Pensacola there are three groups that may be of interest to members of this site:
Gulf Coast Freethinkers
Meetup group for anyone not particularly religious to come together once a month or so and talk, also get together to attend public lectures relating to a skeptical or atheistic worldview. Large number of members and healthy variety of interesting people. Next meetup is tomorrow!
Pensacola Skeptics in the Pub
Newer group, smaller group, more focus on skepticism than atheism.
Humanists of Florida Community Service
This group is where the Humanists of West Florida will be posting their community projects as they develop.
Gulf Coast Science Cafe
This group is for SCIENCE! Monthly meetups as well as listings for events not actualy put on by the group itself, like the evening lecture series at the Institute for Human Machine Cognition.
(Which is really cool, even if one of the guys working in their robotics facility is a Velikovsky nut)
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