Skeptics on the Fringe is GO!

Science and Skepticism at the Edinburgh International Fringe.

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Skeptics on the Fringe is GO!

#1  Postby endless psych » Aug 04, 2012 4:12 pm

My wee festival starts it's third year tonight. Opening (as has almost become traditional) with Richard Wiseman.

If anyone is in Edinburgh feel free to pop along! We have talks on everything from secularism to sex, from penis size to the end of the world and from AI to AC Grayling.

Details: here.

Last year we had around 2,000 people come along over the three weeks we ran shows thus making us the longest and biggest (possibly the only) FREE (donations greedily accepted at the end of the night) Skeptical festival in the world!

Please do come along if you fancy it.

If only to keep our sponsors the Scottish Humanists happy...
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