World Humanist Congress on 12-14 August 2011 in Oslo, Norway

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World Humanist Congress on 12-14 August 2011 in Oslo, Norway

#1  Postby nastler » Jan 28, 2011 1:52 pm

2011 World Humanist Congress on 12-14 August in Oslo, Norway

IHEU and the Norwegian Humanist Organization are proud to welcome Humanists from all over the world to the Norwegian capital.

The main theme of the congress is Humanism and Peace. Peace is one of the fundamental criteria for the long term survival of the human species and should be a concern of all Humanists. The sessions of the congress will include several different aspects of peace and conflict prevention, and question what Humanists and Humanism can do to foster peace.

Some of the speakers:

Humanist Chaplain Greg M. Epstein
Author Taslima Nasrin
Pharyngula blogger PZ Myers
MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld
Freedom of religion specialist Jeremy Gunn,
Peace professor Johan Galtung
Journalist Linda Polman
There will be several side-events before and after the Congress, including the General Assemblies of IHEU and IHEYO, the IHEU Leadership training and an International Youth Camp. See the program for full details.

Early-bird registration for delegates are NOK 2,600 per person, and includes access to all plenary and parallel sessions during the Congress, as well as lunches, coffee breaks, the City reception and the Congress Dinner. Student registration is NOK 1,200 for the same package. There are additional fees for the side events.

The IHEU will offer a substantial Travel Grant programme.

The organizers hope that many Humanists and other non-believers will come to Oslo in August, and prepares for 600-800 participants at the Congress.

For more information and registration, please visit
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Re: World Humanist Congress on 12-14 August 2011 in Oslo, No

#2  Postby MysteryTupperware » Jan 30, 2011 5:54 pm

:eager: Finally! I don't know if I can go, but I'm pretty sure my summer job should cover most of this. If I get a summer job this year, but I'm pretty confident I will, they like to hire familiar faces. :tehe: I guess the main problem for me is; will I get somone to come along with me? I have bad nerves, and I very much dislike traveling to unfamiliar destinations on my own (regardless of them being in or outside Norway), so I doubt I will attend if none of my friends will come along. I hope they will. :whistle:
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Re: World Humanist Congress on 12-14 August 2011 in Oslo, No

#3  Postby John P. M. » Aug 11, 2011 2:20 pm

*bump* ... opic-peace

Just bumping this thread, as the conference is taking place from tomorrow.

I was thinking of participating, but the $550 ticket price for the three days was probably meant to keep riffraff like myself out. ;)
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